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Plastic Surgery / Panniculectomy

Expert Panniculectomy Surgery in Thailand

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Seeking Improved Contour? Panniculectomy in Thailand May Be the Answer.

ImagineHealth offers access to Thailand’s best surgeons and experts in Panniculectomy procedures. With their skill, affordable prices, and welcoming hospitality, you can embark on a journey to regain your self-confidence and well-being. Whether you recover in modern Bangkok or a peaceful beachside retreat, you’ll receive holistic care from top plastic surgeons in a high-tech aesthetic hospital. Get ready to feel like a new and rejuvenated you.

This procedure starts at just:

195,000 THB

5,600 USD* I EUR 5,100*

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The price provided is for this procedure, but other methods are available. A comprehensive consultation with a doctor will help identify the best treatment plan for you.

* Fluctuations in exchange rates may impact the final cost of services.

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Benefits of a Panniculectomy Surgery

Risks and Considerations of a Panniculectomy Surgery

Mitigate risks and optimize results by selecting a qualified surgeon and openly sharing your medical history. Rely on ImagineHealth for comprehensive assistance in minimizing potential risks throughout your healthcare journey.

The information provided on this page should serve as a helpful guide, not as direct advice from ImagineHealth. You must conduct your thorough research on surgery and consult with a General Practitioner. It is essential to be fully informed before making any decisions.

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Elevate your aesthetic journey with ImagineHealth. As independent facilitators, we connect you with top-tier surgeons and hospitals for a seamless experience. Based in Bangkok, we provide dedicated support from consultation to post-operative care, ensuring a personalized and expert-backed breast augmentation journey that prioritizes your well-being.

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Turn your medical procedure into a rejuvenating holiday in beautiful Thailand with ImagineHealth. Experience post-operative recovery in the perfect setting with picturesque landscapes and world-renowned hospitality. Let us seamlessly blend your transformative journey with a memorable vacation, so you can return home fully recovered and rejuvenated.

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Elevate Your Transformation With Exclusive Regenerative Aesthetics Add-Ons

ImagineHealth seamlessly integrates Regenerative Aesthetics into your plastic surgery, elevating your results and recovery. Our holistic approach in Thailand ensures exceptional surgical care and the latest in regenerative medicine for a truly transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About:

A panniculectomy is a surgical procedure that eliminates the panniculus, an “apron” of loose skin and fat on the lower stomach following major weight loss. This procedure is colloquially known as FUPA removal surgery, where FUPA stands for “fatty upper pubic area”. While diet, exercise, and weight loss surgery can reduce excess fat, surgical pannus removal is the only solution for removing the leftover excess skin. Having overhanging skin can cause discomfort, restrict physical activity, and affect confidence and wardrobe choices. However, it is a problem that can be resolved.

Ideal candidates for panniculectomy surgery are those who have excess skin hanging in their lower abdominal area and pubis, typically due to significant weight loss after bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass. Other factors that contribute to the need for stomach skin removal surgery include aging, pregnancy, and previous surgeries like liposuction that have resulted in sagging skin.

To ensure the best possible outcomes and for health reasons, it is recommended to have a BMI of under 30 or be within 10 pounds of your goal weight. It is also important to maintain a stable weight for at least six months before undergoing the surgery. This allows the surgeon to accurately determine the amount of skin to be removed and helps in maintaining the results in the long run.

A panniculectomy and a tummy tuck have different purposes and outcomes. A panniculectomy is performed to alleviate medical issues, while a tummy tuck is meant to enhance the aesthetics of the abdomen.
Consider the following points when comparing the two procedures:
– A panniculectomy removes hanging skin from the lower abdomen, providing a flatter abdomen, increased mobility, and relief from rashes and skin irritations. However, it does not address the area above the belly button. If your main concern is improving rashes and wearing clothes better, then panniculectomy is a suitable choice.
– Abdominoplasty, on the other hand, can tighten abdominal muscles, giving you a flat tummy. It can also reposition the belly button and potentially involve liposuction for more extensive contouring.
When deciding between an abdominoplasty and a panniculectomy, consider your overall health. In some cases, an abdominoplasty may not be safe due to health reasons, making a panniculectomy a viable alternative.

The surgery can result in significant weight loss, typically ranging from 5 to 10 pounds. There have been cases where over 20 pounds of tissue was removed during FUPA surgery. Additionally, patients often experience further weight loss after recovering from a pannus removal procedure, as it becomes easier to be physically active without the excess skin.

A panniculectomy typically preserves the belly button, except in cases where it may pose a risk due to insufficient blood supply. In such cases, a new belly button can be surgically reconstructed at a later time. However, it is important to note that a panniculectomy only removes the excess skin and fat below the belly button, without repositioning it. As a result, the belly button may end up lower on the abdomen after the procedure. Generally, it is recommended to reposition the belly button to enhance the overall appearance and outcome.

Recovery after a panniculectomy typically lasts 10 to 14 days. Most people can return to work after 2 weeks, unless their job involves a lot of movement or heavy lifting. It is important to avoid strenuous activity for 6 weeks after the surgery to prevent tension on the incisions. Pain, swelling, and bruising in the midsection are common after the procedure, and your doctor may prescribe painkillers to help manage discomfort. Wearing a compression garment called an abdominal binder for about a week can support healing and reduce swelling. Stitches will either be removed by the surgeon or dissolve within two weeks. Surgical drains, if used, will be removed in the doctor’s office within a week. Stay in contact with your surgeon if you notice any unusual changes during recovery.

The effects of abdominal skin removal are noticeable right away, but it may take a few months for most of the swelling and bruising to go away. The final results may take up to two years to fully appear. These results can be considered permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight. After recovery, your lower midsection should remain flat without needing additional procedures. The scars from a panniculectomy, which extend across the lower abdomen from hip to hip, should be easy to hide with clothing. These scars are permanent but will fade over time. To maintain the results, it is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep your weight stable.

This surgery does not affect pregnancy, but it is advisable to have it after completing your family to minimize the possibility of compromising the outcome. Should pregnancy occur again, there is a possibility of skin stretching once more.

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