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"I want to lead by example and approach healthcare with equal parts empathy and expertise"

Henning Kalwa

ImagineHealth Founder & CEO

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“I was frustrated by the way most medical-travel companies pursued profits at the expense of positive outcomes for patients”

ImagineHealth was started to fill a specific void in medical travel: To be the company that treats you like a healthcare customer.

Ever since I entered into the health travel industry in 2010, I couldn’t escape the feeling that it was evolving in the wrong way. From the start, it became a race among website “portals” offering medical-travel “packages” and engaging in something like a price war to ensure they would triumph over the next portal to emerge online.

Reducing healthcare to a price competition is wrong — whether in a privatized system like America’s or in an emerging system like international medical travel. So, as medical travel re-emerges after COVID-19’s many encumbrances, the timing is right for something new like ImagineHealth, with our foremost innovation being how we treat you, our healthcare customer.

“Many medical travel companies go for the hard sell in order to get patients signed up as quickly as possible. We take our time, so you can feel confident throughout the entire experience of going overseas to receive treatments.”

Henning Kalwa

ImagineHealth Founder & CEO

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