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Neurological Rehabilitation

Thailand Healthcare: An Attractive Option for Treating Brain and Spine Disorders

Thailand is an ideal destination for anyone whose home healthcare system cannot support their need for sophisticated, affordable nervous system therapies.
A male patient in a wheelchair exercises by lifting weights with a physiotherapist at a neurological rehabilitation center.

Are you or a loved one living with a neurological disorder seeking more effective or affordable treatments? Thailand may provide a solution.

Thailand’s healthcare system is fast becoming a recognized leader in Functional Medicine, which takes a holistic whole-body approach to treating disease, and in Lifespan Extension Medicine, which involves rejuvenating or replacing microscopic structural units in your body in order to return them to normal functioning.

Many of the advances in rejuvenative medicine are not available or affordable in the USA and Europe, but there are numerous internationally-accredited hospitals and clinics in Bangkok specializing in neurological rehabilitation, with a select few excelling in rejuvenative therapies for brain and spine disorders.

Lifespan Extension Medicine

The foundation of Lifespan Extension Medicine is the implantation of special “building block”-type microscopic structural units that make up our bodies. The addition of these new units (which, for various reasons, are controversial in certain countries) prompts the repair and regrowth of old units, effectively returning them to an earlier, healthier state. This is an innovative, alternative therapy showing great promise in reducing the physiological effects of neurological disorders.

How Can It Treat Neurological Disorders?

Lifespan Extension Medicine is something we have taken to calling rejuvenative medicine. By returning our microscopic structural units to younger versions of themselves, the body functions more youthfully. Reduced inflammation, stronger immune system, and diminished symptoms of heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spinal injuries, and other neurological disorders are all possible with the potential to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life.

*For specific information about Lifespan Extension Medicine—therapies which rejuvenate the microscopic structural units of life that make up our bodies—contact ImagineHealth today.

The following conventional therapies are often used in conjunction with rejuvenative medicine as an effective integrative treatment program.

Hydrotherapy, commonly known as aquatic therapy, is a special type of physical therapy that takes place in water in order to increase buoyancy. This is done so that exercises are less likely to injure patients who are overweight or frail. It creates a safe but still challenging environment in which people who suffer from physical disabilities due to brain trauma can regain strength and fitness carefully and comfortably.

Neuromodulation is an innovative treatment that offers hope to those suffering from chronic pain and physical disability due to neurological trauma. It sends electrical signals to the brain or spine to either stimulate or inhibit nerve activity, depending on the condition being treated. Implantation of devices or other forms of subcutaneous stimulation are common techniques used in neuromodulation as they allow for targeted stimulation at specific areas of the nervous system to improve function and reduce pain.

ABT is a type of physical therapy that helps individuals regain their independence through participation in meaningful activities. This approach emphasizes using the person’s daily tasks as therapeutic tools for improving mobility, rather than using generic exercises, and may include activities like cooking or gardening. ABT can treat symptoms of stroke, other traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation can be a powerful tool in helping individuals recover from conditions that restrict mobility, such as stroke and cerebral palsy. This form of physical therapy uses robotic devices to provide precise, consistent movement that helps build strength while improving the range of motion. These ‘robots’ are custom built to each individual patient’s set of symptoms and rehabilitation program.

TMS is an advanced, non-invasive therapy that utilizes magnetic fields to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, but also symptoms of neurological injury such as from stroke. TMS works by placing a small electrical coil on the person’s scalp, which emits a carefully calibrated magnetic field into the brain. The stimulation it generates causes neurons in targeted areas to fire, promoting improved moods and reducing the perception of dissatisfaction and discomfort.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Neurological Rehabilitation in Thailand


If you are considering Lifespan Extension Medicine, you should conduct due diligence over its benefits and potential risks by talking about it with your primary physician.

Various applications of Lifespan Extension Medicine—or, rejuvenative medicine—have shown tremendous promise and are rapidly becoming more popular. However, it is still officially considered to be in a ‘research and development’ stage and has not received widespread approval by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health for most uses – just like in most other countries around the world – and therefore may not be covered by health insurance. Yet, Thai physicians may prescribe Lifespan Extension therapies if they believe they are in the patient’s best interest and safe.

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