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Immune System Enhancement

Live Longer and Healthier By Strengthening Your Immune System

By the time you approach age 50, your immune system’s resilience starts to decline, but Epigenetic Testing and Functional Medicine in Thailand can build it back up.

A middle-aged woman receiving a consultation about enhancing her immune system from an immunologist at the hospital.

Building up immune system resilience is one of the more impactful things that middle-aged and older adults can do to improve their quality of life. That’s because your immune system plays a key role in how you look, how you feel, and how hard illnesses and diseases hit you.

To accurately identify the current strength and resilience of your immune system—and to create a personalized Immune System Enhancement program for you—we recommend advanced Epigenetic Testing that will determine your Immune System Age.

ImagineHealth can facilitate Epigenetic Testing as part of a holistic healthy-aging program founded on Functional Medicine’s restorative treatments.

What Is Epigenetic Testing?

If genetic testing provides a snapshot of your genes and DNA, Epigenetic Testing zooms in to highlight fine-grained details. Put another way, the former succeeds in identifying diseases you are at risk for, while the latter predicts how and when those dormant risks might come to life. This allows your physician to prescribe lifestyle changes that are more finely attuned to your pace of aging and biological age, and therefore are more effective.

What Is Functional Medicine?

At the heart of Functional Medicine is a caring approach that treats patients as individuals, not statistics. It looks beyond symptoms to uncover and address underlying causes in a way that engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. This allows for a deep exploration of how your genome and lifestyle impact your health, and for personalized treatments which often have higher success rates for long-term health outcomes.

The following therapies are some of the main pillars of Functional Medicine.

Detoxification is a way to reset your body chemistry so that your physical systems can perform more properly. Once a healthy, all-natural ‘detox’ program has been completed, you will have something approximating a ‘clean slate’ on which you and your physician can conduct therapies that protect you from illness and disease long term.
Functional Medicine can help you reduce chronic inflammation and restore balance to your body’s natural defense mechanisms. Even though inflammation is a way for your body to remove harmful stimuli like bacteria, when it stays too long it can work against you and cause insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and a host of gastrointestinal disorders.
Mounting research reveals the intricate connection between an unbalanced microbiome and chronic illnesses. These ‘diseases of the gut’ include inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Type 2 diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and even certain forms of cancer – all from digestive tract inflammation! Don’t let a troubled gut undermine your quality of life.
You may have heard recently that ‘Mitochondria’ are the powerhouse of your cells. This is true, in that they are responsible for producing much of your body’s fuel. And while they are quite resilient, they can become overworked by a process called ‘oxidative stress’ which is another type of system imbalance that can be reversed by Functional Medicine.
We should be able to live our everyday lives in harmony with what our biology predicts, but many of us struggle to find a balance. This manifests in chronic inflammation, extreme fatigue, and poor mood regulation – all of which can be brought under control with the right diagnostic testing and a functional approach to taking control of your health.
So much can be said about the causes of anxiety and depression, but one thing that is often overlooked is the correlation between physical health and mental health. If you are suffering from symptoms of depression and you recognize that you do not take care of your body in an age-appropriate manner, then an integrative Functional Medicine program in Thailand could be just what the doctor ordered! Imagine receiving relaxing therapies derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine, acupuncture, massage, meditation, a proper wake/exercise/sleep regimen, and a detoxifying nutrition program for 10-14 days, accompanied by the gentle murmur of the sea in a quiet, pristine, beachside retreat in Thailand. ImagineHealth can facilitate all that for you, and more.

Immune System Enhancement Helps You Take Control of Your Health

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