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We believe that medical care is nothing without trust and understanding

A happy senior patient from abroad recovering with exceptional facilities in a Thai hospital.
A nurse pushing an elderly patient in a wheelchair after a successful neurological rehabilitation session.

Our philosophy is that every patient in every treatment scenario must be viewed as a healthcare “customer.”

We help create confidence between international patients like you and Thailand’s best providers, with empathy and expertise.

It’s even more important in the case of international medical travel to Thailand. Even though it is a wonderful country with first-class medical facilities, the highest-quality physicians, and unbelievably nurturing nurses and staff, it is far away from home for most medical travelers and the marketplace can be confusing when every overseas hospital and clinic is being promoted as “the best” by online facilitators. Naturally, you would have some serious questions and concerns.

ImagineHealth will answer those questions and put your concerns to rest, by seeking a deep understanding of your state of health, your history, and your apprehensions. Once you feel comfortable with the prospects of receiving healthcare from a system that is different from your own, then we can begin to discuss specific treatments, providers, and trip planning.

A close-up shot of ImagineHealth CEO and founder, Henning Kalwa's in the garden.

“Many medical travel companies go for the hard sell in order to get patients signed up as quickly as possible. We take our time, so you can feel confident throughout the entire experience of going overseas to receive treatments.”

Henning Kalwa

ImagineHealth Founder & CEO

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