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Plastic Surgery / Butt Implant Surgery

Expert Butt Implants Surgery in Thailand

A drafted graph on a woman's butt with her white bikini bottom poses with one hand on her waist in a butt Implants procedure.

Dreaming of Enhanced Volume? Try Butt Implants in Thailand.

Get the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of with Butt Implant Surgery, brought to you by Thailand’s best surgeons. Enhance your buttocks for a more beautiful shape that will last a long time. Our skilled surgeons offer affordable prices and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Our leading plastic surgeons, who work in top-notch aesthetic hospitals, guarantee a confident and incredible result. Get ready to go home feeling renewed and empowered.

This procedure starts at just:

225,000 THB

6,500 USD* I EUR 5,900*

Explore your Options!

The price provided is for this procedure, but other methods are available. A comprehensive consultation with a doctor will help identify the best treatment plan for you.

* Fluctuations in exchange rates may impact the final cost of services.

A woman in her white crop top with white bikini bottom measures her butt with a measuring tape.
A doctor examines a circular mark area of a woman's butt with a green surgical glove for her butt implant.
A brunette woman in a white bikini set with a straw hat poses from the back showing her sculpture butt after her butt implant.

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Benefits of a Butt Implant Surgery

Risks and Considerations of a Butt Implant Surgery

Mitigate risks and optimize results by selecting a qualified surgeon and openly sharing your medical history. Rely on ImagineHealth for comprehensive assistance in minimizing potential risks throughout your healthcare journey.

The information provided on this page should serve as a helpful guide, not as direct advice from ImagineHealth. You must conduct your thorough research on surgery and consult with a General Practitioner. It is essential to be fully informed before making any decisions.

Experience an Unparalleled Butt Implant Surgery in Thailand

Elevate your aesthetic journey with ImagineHealth. As independent facilitators, we connect you with top-tier surgeons and hospitals for a seamless experience. Based in Bangkok, we provide dedicated support from consultation to post-operative care, ensuring a personalized and expert-backed breast augmentation journey that prioritizes your well-being.

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Turn your medical procedure into a rejuvenating holiday in beautiful Thailand with ImagineHealth. Experience post-operative recovery in the perfect setting with picturesque landscapes and world-renowned hospitality. Let us seamlessly blend your transformative journey with a memorable vacation, so you can return home fully recovered and rejuvenated.

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Elevate Your Transformation With Exclusive Regenerative Aesthetics Add-Ons

ImagineHealth seamlessly integrates Regenerative Aesthetics into your plastic surgery, elevating your results and recovery. Our holistic approach in Thailand ensures exceptional surgical care and the latest in regenerative medicine for a truly transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About:
Butt Implant Surgery

Silicone butt implants offer a reliable and effective method for enhancing the shape, volume, and projection of the buttocks. Similar to silicone breast implants, these implants are made of semi-solid silicone, making them extremely durable and eliminating the risk of rupture. Additionally, this plastic surgery procedure can also be combined with liposuction or other body contouring procedures for optimal results.

Discover the top advantages of butt implant surgery over a BBL:

1. Safer than BBL, which can carry serious health risks if not done correctly.

2. Provides more consistent results, plumping up and adding projection to the middle and lower areas of the butt.

3. Creates more projection in flat buttocks, ensuring a rounded result even with significant flatness.

4. Suitable for patients with any body index. Butt implant surgery offers a safe and reliable personalized solution to enhance your buttocks.

Suitable candidates for this procedure include non-smoking adults who are in good overall health and do not have excessive loose skin. However, individuals who are willing to undergo additional procedures, such as a butt lift or lower buttock tuck, can still be considered. Unlike with Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), individuals with all body mass indices (BMI) can potentially be candidates for butt implants. It is advisable to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers a variety of options to determine if butt implant surgery is the ideal method for you.

Butt implant options come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing patients to find the perfect fit. Sizes can vary from 100 cc to 715 cc, with options for both oval and round implants. Selecting the right size is essential for achieving your desired aesthetic goals. It’s important to avoid the common mistake of choosing a size that is too large. Even small implants can provide significant projection and shape, surpassing patients’ expectations. Focus on finding the ideal size to enhance your buttocks without overdoing it.

Recovering from butt implant surgery typically takes around 2 weeks. However, it is common for surgeons to recommend avoiding sitting for 2 to 6 weeks after the procedure in order to promote optimal healing of the incisions. During this time, you may experience bruising, swelling, and pain, which can extend from your glutes to your thighs. Sensations such as tenderness, burning, or discomfort at the surgical or incision site are normal. 

The first two weeks following surgery may be the most uncomfortable, but pain can be managed initially with prescription pain medications and then with over-the-counter options. If your pain worsens, the skin becomes inflamed, or you develop a fever, contact your doctor immediately for further evaluation.

Buttock implants offer a permanent solution for enhancing your appearance. Patients can choose to make future revisions to the shape or size, or to enhance their appearance. Revision surgery may also be necessary in case of complications. However, if the initial placement of the implants is done correctly, replacement should not be required.

While they typically do not require replacement, patients may choose to undergo the second surgery to modify the shape or size or to maintain a refreshed look. In the rare event of complications, revision surgery may also be necessary. However, rest assured, with proper placement, your implants should not require replacement.

Properly sized implants will provide you with natural-looking results. The softness of your buttocks is influenced by the thickness of your skin. Even though butt implants are made from ultrasoft silicone, they may feel slightly tighter on thin individuals. The size of the implants also affects how natural the results appear, as larger implants may be more noticeable. Allow six months for buttock implants to settle into their final position and fullness, and a full year for them to completely soften.

Initially, sitting on your implants may feel uncomfortable. However, as you heal and the tissue around the implant softens, the discomfort should decrease, and the implants will become less noticeable. Similar to breast implants, there will be an adjustment period, and you will become accustomed to the new sensation.

The proper placement of the implants is crucial to achieving a natural feel. When done correctly, butt implants should not harden. However, superficial implants can cause a significant reaction in your body, leading to a tight scar contracture around the implant and potential discomfort. In such cases, the implants must be removed and relocated to a deeper and safer area within the buttocks.

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