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Plastic Surgery / Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

A woman in a white bra measures her breast after the breast reduction process.

Ready to Find Balance? Consider Breast Reduction in Thailand.

Experience a life-changing transformation with Breast Reduction at ImagineHealth in Thailand. Our talented partner surgeons specialize in customizing procedures to relieve discomfort and achieve your desired size and shape. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to newfound confidence. Trust Thailand’s top plastic surgeons for a personalized and liberating journey like no other.

This procedure starts at just:

270,000 THB

5,000 USD* I EUR 7,750*

Explore your Options!

The price provided is for this procedure, but other methods are available. A comprehensive consultation with a doctor will help identify the best treatment plan for you.

* Fluctuations in exchange rates may impact the final cost of services.

After her breast reduction, a woman in her yellow one-piece swimming suit floats on the water freely.
A doctor examines a woman's breast for breast fat transfer while the woman holds both of her hands upon her head.
A woman in her yellow bikini with a hat smiles in front of the beautiful beach view after her breast reduction surgery.

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Benefits of a Breast Reduction Surgery

Risks and Considerations of a Breast Reduction Surgery

Mitigate risks and optimize results by selecting a qualified surgeon and openly sharing your medical history. Rely on ImagineHealth for comprehensive assistance in minimizing potential risks throughout your healthcare journey.

The information provided on this page should serve as a helpful guide, not as direct advice from ImagineHealth. You must conduct your thorough research on surgery and consult with a General Practitioner. It is essential to be fully informed before making any decisions.

Experience an Unparalleled Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Elevate your aesthetic journey with ImagineHealth. As independent facilitators, we connect you with top-tier surgeons and hospitals for a seamless experience. Based in Bangkok, we provide dedicated support from consultation to post-operative care, ensuring a personalized and expert-backed breast augmentation journey that prioritizes your well-being.

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Turn your medical procedure into a rejuvenating holiday in beautiful Thailand with ImagineHealth. Experience post-operative recovery in the perfect setting with picturesque landscapes and world-renowned hospitality. Let us seamlessly blend your transformative journey with a memorable vacation, so you can return home fully recovered and rejuvenated.

A woman relaxes in a longtail boat with beautiful surroundings while recovering from her breast augmentation.
A woman in her white bathrobe holds a hot beverage while recovering from her breast augmentation.

Elevate Your Transformation With Exclusive Regenerative Aesthetics Add-Ons

ImagineHealth seamlessly integrates Regenerative Aesthetics into your plastic surgery, elevating your results and recovery. Our holistic approach in Thailand ensures exceptional surgical care and the latest in regenerative medicine for a truly transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About:
Breast Reduction Surgery

Bilateral breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a highly sought-after plastic surgery procedure around the world. Designed to address the discomfort caused by breasts that are disproportionately large for your body, this outpatient procedure helps to restore balance and alleviate back pain. During this procedure, a skilled surgeon expertly removes excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breasts, effectively reducing their size. ImagineHealth can assist you in arranging an expert consultation and help you embrace a life free from discomfort with the help of bilateral breast reduction.

Why breast reduction surgery is worth considering:

1. Achieve balanced proportions: Reduce breast size to match your body.

2. Alleviate physical discomfort: Say goodbye to rashes, headaches, bra grooves, and pain caused by overly large breasts.

3. High patient satisfaction: Many women who have already found satisfaction and happiness through breast reduction surgery.

4. Enhance self-esteem and quality of life: Studies have shown that breast reduction positively impacts self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being.

5. Look youthful and proportionate: Achieve perkier, younger-looking breasts that beautifully complement your body shape.

6. Reduce breast cancer risk: Recent research suggests that breast reduction surgery may reduce the chance of developing breast cancer.

The downsides of breast reduction you should be aware of:

1. Recovery time: Expect a week of post-surgery recovery.

2. Visible scars: Although incision lines may fade over time, faint scars may be visible permanently.

3. Potential impact on breastfeeding: Certain techniques may interfere with breastfeeding, although most surgeons aim to preserve this ability.

4. Possible asymmetry: Despite efforts to achieve visual balance, natural settling and stretching of the skin can result in variations in breast size and shape.

5. Nipple sensation changes: Temporary decrease or loss of nipple sensation can occur, but typically resolves within a year as nerves heal.

Breast reduction is a suitable option for women who have excessively large breasts, which can result in various issues like back, shoulder, and neck pain, changes in posture, grooves from bra straps, skin irritation and rashes beneath the breasts, as well as difficulties in daily activities and exercise. It is important to note that candidates of different ages can be considered, as long as they are in good overall health. Before proceeding with the surgery, your surgeon will carefully assess your medical history, overall health, skin condition, emotional maturity, and goals to ensure the best possible outcome.

Breast reduction procedure typically lasts 3 to 4 hours and is done with general anesthesia. When combined with other procedures like a breast lift, surgery can take up to 5 hours. Operating times may vary depending on your specific goals. The two most common breast reduction techniques are the Vertical or “lollipop” method and the Inverted-T or anchor method. Consult with your surgeon to determine which technique is the most suitable for you.

Breast reduction is a pain-free procedure, thanks to anesthesia. While mild to moderate discomfort is typical during the initial three days of recovery, the levels of pain and discomfort may vary depending on your individual pain threshold. Numbness and tightness across the chest are normal and should subside within two weeks, along with any pain. Rest assured that your plastic surgeon will provide medication to effectively manage these symptoms.

Recovery time may differ for each client, but on average, there is a 2-week downtime. You can typically resume driving one week after surgery and, in most cases, return to work within 2 to 3 weeks. Gentle walking can be resumed after one week, but you should refrain from heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, swimming, and bathing until full recovery.Within 6 to 8 weeks, you can expect a significant reduction in inflammation and swelling by approximately 50%. Following this period, your breasts should feel soft, natural, and comfortable.

Breast reduction surgery provides permanent results. However, it’s important to note that your breasts can still undergo changes due to factors such as pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, menopause, and weight fluctuations throughout your life. To ensure that you maintain your desired cup size, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Keep in mind that weight gain can potentially increase your bra size, as breasts contain fatty tissue. Additionally, as you age, there is a possibility of your breasts naturally growing and sagging over time.

Breast reduction surgery may affect breastfeeding, but it is still possible to breastfeed successfully in most cases when the nipple and areola are preserved. However, if more breast tissue is removed beneath the nipple and areola, there is a higher risk of potential complications. While it is rare, there is a possibility of losing part of the nipple or areola tissue. If you have plans to nurse in the future, be sure to inform your surgeon during your consultation. This information will help tailor your treatment to accommodate your future nursing needs.

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