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Plastic Surgery / Alarplasty

Expert Alarplasty Surgery in Thailand

A woman's side profile after Alarplasty.

Ready for a Refined Nose? Consider Alarplasty in Thailand.

Discover the exquisite world of Alarplasty surgery in Thailand. Our exceptional partner surgeons are here to bring you this exclusive experience. Transform your nasal aesthetics by refining the width of your nostrils and correcting any asymmetry, creating a perfectly balanced face. You can expect unparalleled precision and affordability with Thailand’s top plastic surgeons. And while you recover, immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Bangkok or relax in serene beach settings, guaranteeing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

This procedure starts at just:

17,500 THB

490 USD* I EUR 450*

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The price provided is for this procedure, but other methods are available. A comprehensive consultation with a doctor will help identify the best treatment plan for you.

* Fluctuations in exchange rates may impact the final cost of services.

A drafting line is drafted on the center of the patient's nose.
A blonde woman poses in her side profile after Alarplasty, with her hand pointing up her chin.
A blonde woman smiles widely under the beautiful scene of sky and sea.

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Benefits of a Alarplasty Surgery

Risks and Considerations of a Alarplasty Surgery

Mitigate risks and optimize results by selecting a qualified surgeon and openly sharing your medical history. Rely on ImagineHealth for comprehensive assistance in minimizing potential risks throughout your healthcare journey.

The information provided on this page should serve as a helpful guide, not as direct advice from ImagineHealth. You must conduct your thorough research on surgery and consult with a General Practitioner. It is essential to be fully informed before making any decisions.

Experience an Unparalleled Alarplasty Surgery in Thailand

Elevate your aesthetic journey with ImagineHealth. As independent facilitators, we connect you with top-tier surgeons and hospitals for a seamless experience. Based in Bangkok, we provide dedicated support from consultation to post-operative care, ensuring a personalized and expert-backed breast augmentation journey that prioritizes your well-being.

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Turn your medical procedure into a rejuvenating holiday in beautiful Thailand with ImagineHealth. Experience post-operative recovery in the perfect setting with picturesque landscapes and world-renowned hospitality. Let us seamlessly blend your transformative journey with a memorable vacation, so you can return home fully recovered and rejuvenated.

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ImagineHealth seamlessly integrates Regenerative Aesthetics into your plastic surgery, elevating your results and recovery. Our holistic approach in Thailand ensures exceptional surgical care and the latest in regenerative medicine for a truly transformative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About:

Alarplasty is a surgical procedure that permanently reduces and alters the size and width of the nostrils, bringing them into proportion with the rest of the face. It narrows the outer part of the nostrils by removing a small wedge of skin from the base of each nostril, reducing nostril flare. Although alar base reduction surgery doesn’t affect the nasal tip or bridge, it can greatly enhance the appearance of the nose.

The most common reason patients seek an alarplasty is dissatisfaction with the appearance of their nostrils. Surgery may also be desired for nostrils that appear too narrow or wide in comparison to other facial features. Some individuals may have asymmetrical nostrils, with one side significantly larger than the other. When smiling, people may notice that their nostrils appear wider due to flaring.

To undergo the procedure, individuals should be in good overall health and preferably be non-smokers. If you are a smoker or use nicotine products, your surgeon will ask you to stop two to six weeks before surgery as nicotine in any form hinders healing and increases the risk of complications.

Alarplasty can be done under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour to complete. The surgeon makes an incision in the skin crease where the cheek meets the nostril, removes a wedge of soft tissue at the base of the nostril, and closes the incision with stitches. The specific incision technique used depends on the patient’s existing nostril size and shape, as well as their desired outcome. When alarplasty is performed alongside a rhinoplasty, nostril reduction is typically the last step to ensure other aspects of the rhinoplasty do not affect the nostril shape.

Alarplasty healing and recovery typically requires a week of social downtime, with minimal visible swelling and no bruising. Sutures are usually removed after five to seven days, according to your surgeon’s preference. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and only require over-the-counter pain medication during the initial days of recovery. Be sure you will be given detailed instructions on how to clean the incisions and prevent the risk of infection.

After surgery, you will immediately see a noticeable change in the size of your nostrils. However, the full results will become more visible within the next two weeks as the swelling subsides. You can expect to see your final result around four weeks after the procedure.

Alarplasty procedures result in minimal and inconspicuous scarring. The incisions are strategically placed at the junction of the alar, nasal, and facial areas to ensure they are well-hidden. Initially, the scars may appear slightly pink, but this depends on the individual’s skin type and color. However, they can be easily concealed with makeup during the healing process. Over time, the scars will gradually fade and blend into the natural crease, becoming virtually undetectable.

Alarplasty, although a quick and safe procedure, has some potential concerns that should be noted. Careless suturing may result in a minor, visible scar. Excessive narrowing of nostrils can obstruct airflow and create an unnaturally pinched appearance. Additionally, achieving symmetry requires accurate measurements with calipers rather than relying solely on visual judgment.

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