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An elderly neurological patient discussing progress with his Thai rehabilitation nurse

Healthcare travelers are choosing Thailand for the treatment of Autoimmune Disorders

Medical tourism is a thriving worldwide phenomenon, with Bangkok emerging as one of the leading destinations for affordable, innovative treatments.

An elderly neurological patient discussing progress with his Thai rehabilitation nurse
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Clinics in Bangkok treat Autoimmune Disorders with great care

When patients come to Thailand from overseas, they commonly comment on how contemporary the medical facilities are. In our experience, their next thought is often to acknowledge how impressive that professionalism really is given the significant cost savings they enjoy over receiving similar treatments in Australia, England, Europe, and the USA. Those are the places from which many of ImagineHealth’s guests arrive, and they leave Thailand with a very different understanding of what healthcare can be.

Adding to the high levels of professionalism and remarkable affordability in Thailand’s top hospitals and clinics is one underrated aspect of the leading medical tourism destinations: Innovation. Healthcare providers in Bangkok are motivated to develop new ways of effectively treating old illnesses like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, and Hyperthyroidism. These conditions are often treated with rejuvenative therapy, which is an advanced kind of Lifespan Extension Medicine.

Lifespan Extension Medicine harnesses the body’s innate ability to heal Autoimmune Disorders naturally

ImagineHealth is here in Bangkok, prepared to facilitate your journey to Thailand for professional, affordable, and innovative medical care.

A nurse pushing an elderly patient in a wheelchair after a successful neurological rehabilitation session.

Rejuvenative Medicine – Thailand’s clinics are among the world’s finest for Lifespan Extension Medicine, a way to treat autoimmune conditions by rejuvenating the microscopic structural units that make up our bodies which are damaged by aging.

Patient-Centered Treatments – Everyone from doctors to nurses to administrative staff will treat you not just with respect, but with compassion. The system here places a significant emphasis on putting the ‘care’ in healthcare.

Patients Before Profits – The cost of living in Thailand is lower than in Western countries, but there is also less of a profit motive when it comes to helping other human beings, perhaps due to the Buddhism emanating in the culture.

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Compassionate patient-centered care in stunning surroundings

As advanced as it is, the healthcare system alone is not why this country has been nicknamed Amazing Thailand.

Let us help you combine innovative therapy and relaxing recovery for a truly once-in-a-lifetime Experience!

“We started ImagineHealth because in our minds nobody was truly doing medical tourism the right way.

Most other medical tourism facilitators are simply web portals where people can make appointments with overseas hospitals. That’s fine, but it leaves so many unanswered questions for you.

What sets us apart is that we provide access to better, more innovative healthcare treatments, complement them with a relaxing and restorative Thailand holiday, and ensure you and your loved ones are confident in the process and well-informed throughout.”

Henning Kalwa
ImagineHealth Founder & CEO
ImagineHealth CEO and founder, Henning Kalwa's potrait shot in the garden.

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Thailand Healthcare Is a World Away From Ordinary

Learn more about the advanced treatments and the all-inclusive health travel Experiences ImagineHealth can facilitate for you.

A young Thai nurse caregiver positively supports her neurological rehabilitation patient in garden at a rehabilitation center

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Thailand Healthcare Is a World Away From Ordinary.
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