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Thailand’s access to advanced treatments and cutting-edge medical technology

Thailand is known by many as ‘The Land of Smiles’, a beautiful and welcoming country popular for its incredible scenery, idyllic climate and friendly people. Thailand has long been one of the premier destinations for tourists looking to enjoy a holiday in paradise. Yet there are more reasons for choosing Thailand today than simply its glorious beaches and tasty food.

Thailand’s access to advanced medical treatments and technology help make it one of the top choices for medical tourists from around the world. Read on to discover why that is, and how it came about…

The rise of medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand has been promoted over the last 20 years, and in this time Thailand has proven itself a global leader in the field. Between rising costs of healthcare, an ageing population and the sometimes unbearable waiting times in many developed nations, more and more people are seeking healthcare elsewhere. Thailand has emerged from the pack as potentially the best choice for this in the world.

The country is highly accessible due to its airports and the visas available for both tourism and medical tourism. Many facilities are set up perfectly for medical tourists, with translators on hand who speak a variety of languages to help make your time there even easier. 

Today, Thailand is once again pushing forward to promote medical tourism at even greater levels in a post-pandemic world. Millions of people will visit the country this year, and an impressive amount of these tourists will seek medical treatment while they are here. With procedures available for less than half of the price of many developed countries, there is little wonder why medical tourism in Thailand is on the rise.

How healthcare has changed in the country

Thailand has been a destination for certain procedures and operations for a while now, with many choosing to come here to avoid wait lists for things like hip and knee replacements. Now, medical care in Thailand is proving itself to be at the very forefront of the field. There is a vast array of advanced treatments for you to discover in this country to fulfil your healthcare needs.

One key aspect that makes so many people feel at ease with healthcare in Thailand is the number of hospitals and clinics that have gained western accreditation as centres of excellence. Places like Bangkok’s Bumrungrad and Samitivej hospitals, as well as Bangkok Hospital itself, all received early accreditation. That is why even high-profile individuals choose Thailand for their healthcare. 

Accreditation from such prestigious bodies as the JCI (Joint Commission International) certification in the USA was a huge step forward for medical tourism in the county. Along with this, many of the medical professionals working at these hospitals also received the highest levels of training. A large number of staff in medical facilities in Thailand are internationally trained to be the best.

One part of this is being trained in the most advanced treatments and use of cutting-edge technology. More upgrades have been made to facilities, and the staff know how to utilise this technology to its fullest effect. This helps Thailand to stand out as a centre for medical excellence in the region and the world.

Examples of advanced treatments available

If you are looking for good reasons for choosing Thailand for your medical treatment, the choice of specialised and advanced options should help to persuade you. Whether you already know what treatments you need, or you are looking to improve your health and catch any possible issues early, one of the top notch facilities in Thailand can help.

Some examples of advanced treatments and technology include:

  • The Sawatdee 360° Assessment – perfect for those looking for an in-depth health check, this process takes a thorough and complete look at your entire body. And any current or potential issues you might have. This advanced process can catch any health problems at the earliest possible time and get you on the path to a healthier future.
  • Anti-aging programs – while you cannot fully reverse the aging process, modern innovative technology and treatments allow for impressive and even shocking results. Tissue regeneration and targeted therapies are available in many places in Thailand where they are unavailable or unaffordable in many other countries.
  • Personalised therapies and care – whatever your medical needs, the precision care available in Thailand can create highly personalised plans to get you back up, fighting fit and looking and feeling better than ever. Precision cancer treatment, for example, is one of the best ways to tackle your own individual disease.

How Thailand combines cutting-edge medical technology and natural methods

What truly makes Thailand unique is the way that it utilises all of its cutting-edge medical technology, advanced techniques and the benefits of its natural climate and amenities. Getting better, recovering and healing involves more than just a prescription in many circumstances. ImagineHealth Thailand partner medical experts understand this.

As well as internationally accredited hospitals in Bangkok, you can also find many in other places including Phuket and Koh Samui. These gorgeous islands are home to some of the best facilities you can find in the country. You can benefit from the most cutting-edge medical technology and the best practices for recovery here. 

Precision cancer care is one example of how we can use cutting-edge technology and practices to specifically diagnose and target your individual tumours. Once this is done, it is easier to create a strategy that is personally tailored to you, which can be carried out by our experienced professionals. 

Once you have dealt with your cancer treatments, there is no place better to recover than Thailand. Seabreeze Cancer Retreat on Koh Samui works to blend together conventional and cutting-edge techniques in a world-class program of recovery. This is just one of the reasons why you should choose Thailand for medical purposes. 

Why you should choose Thailand for your medical treatments

With a move towards attracting more medical tourists, hospitals and facilities across Thailand have been upgraded with a view to using the most up-to-date technologies and treatments. You can get the highest quality medical care involving the most cutting-edge technology in this country. All for a lower cost than you would spend in most countries for a similar level of care.

For all these reasons and more, check out medical tourism in Thailand for yourself and see how you can get the best healthcare possible in an excellent medical facility in this country now.


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