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A World of Trust: ImagineHealth Thailand’s Affiliation with Renowned Internationally Accredited Hospitals

Henning Kalwa



Key takeways

ImagineHealth partners with internationally accredited hospitals, ensuring top-quality care.

Accreditation ensures excellence in patient care, staff training, ethical standards, and advanced treatments.

Internationally trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee world-class healthcare at competitive prices.

Thailand has routinely been ranked 1st in Asia, and in the top 5 or 6 worldwide for healthcare. Each year more and more people are choosing to head to Thailand for all their medical needs, and there is no shortage of reasons why. Healthcare here is affordable, accessible, and of the highest standards.

Still, while nationwide Thailand offers some of the best healthcare in the world, ImagineHealth takes it one step further.

ImagineHealth Thailand prides itself on its close affiliation with only the best hospitals in this country, and around the globe. If you are considering medical tourism in Thailand, and weighing up the best options for all your medical needs, ImagineHealth Thailand is here for you. Read on to discover more about our internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand now…

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Thailand’s internationally accredited hospitals

Thailand was the first country in Asia to have hospitals that gained the honour of being recognised internationally as centres of excellence. Since the move to universal healthcare two decades ago, the standards of medical professionals and healthcare facilities in this country has actually sky-rocketed. Partially due to hospitals compete to attract foreign as well as domestic patients.

This led to these facilities gaining more and more notice on the world stage. Thailand has since earned its reputation as the best place to go for medical care in Asia, and one of the best around the globe. Several hospitals in Bangkok, including Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thonburi Hospital, Vejthani Hospital, and Samitivej Hospital, have been internationally accredited over the last few years.

Along with Phyathai Hospital, these are just some of the examples of the high-quality hospitals that ImagineHealth Thailand partners with to provide you with the best possible healthcare. We also have incredible affiliated facilities in places like Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Koh Samui.

ImagineHealth Thailand’s partnership with Temos International

Germany’s Temos International is a preeminent accreditation board, working with us at ImagineHealth Thailand to ensure that Thailand’s healthcare facilities get the benefit of their expertise. Together, we are helping guarantee that patients all across the world who choose medical tourism in Thailand have access to numerous internationally certified high quality healthcare facilities.

This has led to ImagineHealth Thailand’s affiliation with internationally accredited hospitals across Thailand, such as Samui International Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui and Bandon International Hospital Koh Samui.

Leaving Koh Samui for other parts the country, you will still find Thailand healthcare facilities of the highest standards and best reputations. Such as Phuket’s Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Siriroj Hospital Phuket or the Kamala International Clinic.

The key requirements for international accreditation

Gaining international accreditation is no easy matter. The hospital in question must prove that it is up to the right standards, with only the best medical professionals and the most up-to-date medical equipment. Temos International helps to shepherd facilities along the path to gaining accreditation, guaranteeing that our partnered healthcare facilities are all of an impeccable standard.

To be internationally certified, a facility needs to prove among other things that it reaches standards of excellence in:

·        Hands on patient care

·        Training

·        Education of staff

·        Ethical standards

·        Management

·        Credentials

·        Research activity

·        Clinical governance

·        Equipment

·        Treatments and more.

The process involves comprehensive self-assessment, as well as peer review. Our partnership with Temos International provides international support and a seal of approval on all of our facilities.

The key benefits of being treated at one of Thailand’s internationally accredited hospitals

When you are looking for the best place to entrust with your well-being, Thailand is one of the top countries you can choose. Along with the glorious weather and the benefit of being able to receive your required treatment and then recover in actual paradise, there are so many other upsides to consider.

You can reap the benefits of world-class healthcare of the standards you would struggle to find outside of global medical care leaders like the USA, but without an exorbitant price tag. For example, a knee operation in the USA could cost more than double what you would pay to be treated in one of Bangkok’s incredible hospitals.

The amount you save becomes even more impressive when you consider the kind of room you can have here compared to other countries. So you can recover in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank.

In Thailand, lower cost does not mean lower quality, and you can be sure that you are only being treated in the best facilities. Not just because we promise you, but because they are recognised as being such by international accreditation bodies around the globe.

Another key benefit to being treated at an internationally accredited hospital is the quality of staff that will be treating you. Many of the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals that you will encounter if you choose ImagineHealth Thailand were trained in the USA, the UK, or Australia. Gaining their skills and being taught by the best you can find.

Along with ImagineHealth Thailand’s commitment to innovation and the most modern equipment and medical practices, all of this means that you know you are getting the highest standards of care. At an internationally accredited hospital you can be treated by the best staff in the world, at one of the best facilities in the world.

Find Out ImagineHealth’s Exclusive Healthcare Offers in Thailand

So, why choose one of ImagineHealth Thailand’s hospitals for your healthcare?

As you can see, there are no shortage of reasons to choose ImagineHealth Thailand’s affiliated hospitals for your healthcare needs. Each of our hospitals employs only the most impressive of medical practitioners, highly skilled in all areas of medicine. We utilise the most up-to-date techniques and treatments, many of which are proprietary, and only carried out in our top notch facilities.

Each of our affiliated hospitals is a centre of excellence, providing each individual who walks through their doors with the highest standards of healthcare that you can find. You don’t have to take our word for it. Every one of our partnered internationally renowned and accredited hospitals has been recognised on the world stage, for being an example of just what a hospital should be.

About the author

Henning Kalwa

Henning Kalwa is a visionary healthcare executive dedicated to democratizing access to innovative Longevity Medicine at affordable prices. Inspired by the accessibility enjoyed by global elites, Henning founded ImagineHealth with a mission to ensure that more people can benefit from cutting-edge healthcare solutions. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare management and a graduate of Harvard Medical School’s Southeast Asia Healthcare Leadership program, Henning is committed to transforming ImagineHealth into Thailand’s premier health facilitation company.
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